Themez Hub is very conscious with the safety of user’s personal information as well as the privacy of your data. As our team professionals are concerned about the protection of your data. We only require your personal information so that you can easily operate our services and business information.

We work in an entirely see-through environment as there is no need to worry about anything. We indulge our customer as a member and show you transparently that why we gather your data, as well as how we are using that particular information.

At Themez Hub we also offer you membership and for this we require payment information which includes credit card detail or any other transaction mode and that completely between us. We take care about all your transaction details personally.

You can even register with our website with the simple basic information. As after registration, we maintain your account and keep you update about the any notification. We request you to cautiously go through the privacy policy so that you better know how we use your personal data, and to know your rights as the user.

Form Of Data We Gather

  • Personal Information:- Personal Information we gather includes name, email address, contact details.
  • At the time of registration, we require a unique username with the strong password that helps you to protect your Themez Hub account from strangers.
  • If you need membership or want to buy our product and hire our services, then we need how payment details that how will you pay which comprise of credit card detail, card expiry date and other related information.

Why We Require Your Personal Data?

  • When we approach any website then if that particular website demand for personal detail, then one question always arise in our mind why they require this personal details. So here is the answer we need this for the verification purpose.
  • Even we can keep this information for future as we can recognize you as our respected customer.
  • If you save your details with us then we can also notify you about the latest updates and products.

Themez Hub How Long Your Data?

We will only keep your till to time you are register with the Themez Hub. As if unregistered and unsubscribed yourself from Themez Hub we will automatically remove your details.

Who Have Authority To Use Your Information?

We have strict protocols to keep our customer personal information safe from strangers. We will not share your information with the third party only our authorized administrators can access your data to provide our business product and services.

Safety And Security Offered By Us

We know that how much your personal information is important so it our prime duty to protect your detail. We don’t contribute, to share any information, whether it is basic or any transaction detail with the third party.

As there are so many marketing professionals who request a different websites to get details about the user. And then they can use information to hack the account. But we assure a complete safety and security and there is no chance of leaking any personal detail.

Information We Gather robotically

  • When you surf on our website then website robots collect some information automatically which embraces of last activity, registration date and timing, IP (Internet Protocol) address.
  • We also gather information about your location from where you are using our website. Even we gather which other third party account is linked to your account.
  • Our robots also gather information about the device that which device you are employing to access our website.

Purpose Of Our Cookies On Your Browser

We use cookies that mainly employed to track users, identify new user as well as activity of user on the website. Even you can turn off the cookies as if you do not want that our cookies will access your browser then you can switch it off. As our some features are attached with the cookie so if you will turn off then you cannot use those particular features.

Customers And User Rights

At Themez Hub we consider every customer as a boss. If you any problem or any query or even any complaint regarding our product and services, then you are free to write feedback so that improve our business according to the requirement.

  • You can access your personal data anytime, anywhere and from any device.
  • You have authority to change and delete your personal data
  • If you have any objection regarding usage of your personal information then you can inform us we will not use or share your data anywhere.
  • Require convey the ability of your own information.

As customers have all the right that he/she have authority that allow us to use data or not. Even you can edit or eradicate the data. With the setting option you can also customize the information according to the requirement.

Change In Privacy Policy

As the member of the Themez Hub it is our duty to inform you about the any changes or modification in the privacy policy. Almost many changes are probably going to be minor. We cheer our customer and user to check this page after some interval of time to know about any addition or change in the policy.

We are gratitude for perusing our privacy policy!