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The Website is the main part of our business it plays the role of the soul in our business. To achieve good and high ranking in Google as well as in popular search engine is really difficult. As day by day, the competition in every field is increasing. Designing a website is just not enough as the website must have perfect SEO, unique content with adequate information about a business, social links and backlinks. Sometimes in our website ranking goes down due to some reason, but that reason is unknown.
So for this we have the list of helpful and best SEO  Website Analytics that will completely analyze your website and provides you’re the section where your website is lacking.


SEOptimer is a free SEO Analysis Website. SEOptimer is the one of the familiar to utterly audit the website and examine it’s all SEO factors. SEOptimer is a user-friendly tool and easy to operate as for this there is no need for any special training.

SEOptimer helps to improve the ranking of your website. As in SEOptimer you just insert the URL of a website that you want to check. SEOptimer analyzes the URL according to SEO factors find out the issues so that you can make modifications according to the requirement.

SEOptimer assesses the duplicate content so that you can alter it to get high ranking. Visit SEOptimer website to know more about it.

Neil Patel SEO Analyzer

Neil Patel SEO Analyzer is another amazing tool that displays instant website review, which aware you that where are you lacking and what is the reason. This SEO Analyzer helps you to create an effectual report about the issues of the website.

SEO Analyzer by Neil Patel ensures the various ON Page and OFF Page factors which comprise of keyword choice, keyword consistency, suitable tile, effective description and number of backlinks.

Many users favour to read the content if your content is duplicate or not related to your business, then user did not show any interest in your website so for this you need this ideal SEO Analyzer tool.

Website Grader

Website Grader is a free online tool. Website grader analyzes your business URL. Website Grader is one of the ideal tools that are perfect to investigate a different section of your business website.

Website Grader checks the operating speed of your website. As in many cases website takes too much loading time which is quite boring so this tool ensures the website accessibility of your site.

Not only this, but the website grader ensure the check that is your business is well established so that users and clients can trust with your business. Backlinks are the major part to enhance the traffic of business so by this tool you can check that how many good links and bad links you have.

SEO Site Checkup

SEO site checkup is another best free online tool. The main focus of SEO Site Checkup is to make SEO (Search Engine Optimization) easy. SEO Site Checkup has a professional team of analyzers who monitors your site according to the SEO factor.

This tool assists your business to improve its online presence. Our team knows about the Google algorithm and its penalties then we work according to the protocols of different Search Engine.

SEO Site Checkup provides a professional and well-maintained report of concern that consists of all the website SEO error so that you can fix it and lead from a competitor.

Site Analyzer

Site Analyzer as its name indicates that helps you to know about your website. Site Analyzer provides you information about the total scores which comprise of design score, multimedia scores, networking scores, and accessibility scores.

Site Analyzer monitors the design of the website that how HTML and CSS is implemented. It also checks the ease of access to the website which includes page cache, IP address, hosting and URL optimization.

Site Analyzer also verifies the robot.txt files, indexed pages and XML sitemap. It also analyzes the images, keyword usage, Meta tags and meta description. Visit Site Analyzer and know more about your and opponent business website.

SEO Web Checkup

Do you want to beat your opponents? Every business owner has a desire to improve their business presence as well as want to make a reputation image in the online world. So this SEO web Checkup is the tool for you. It allows you to know about your SEO mistakes.

SEO web checkup is very simple and user-friendly tool which monitors the website and let you know about the error so that you know them as well as find ways to fix them.

This tool also checks the broken and no follow links. As well as ensuring that your speed should be the same in both desktop as well on the mobile so that mobile user get the same appearance as the other users to get.

Site Checker

SEO checker is a free Search engine optimization monitor tool. It checks the common SEO errors. SEO checker helps to know about robots.txt files, SEO friendly URL and also monitors your business backlinks and with this Site checker, you can check the backlinks of your competitor.

You can also compare the backlinks of both to know where you are lacking and why the opponent is leading. It also gives importance to the security by checking blacklisted linked sites, password protection.

It also verifies the connected social media accounts as well as monitor that is your website is mobile friendly or not. As many users prefer mobile-friendly sites.


SEO professionals know the value of SEO analysis. SEOmator is specially designed to fulfil the need of proficient SEO executives. In some cases, we put each and every effort to improve the awareness of users about the business.

SEOmator is a best SEO audit tool that deeply analyzes your website as it determines your systematic formation of data usage. It is one-stop place that is the solution of scrutinize website. In this, you just insert the URL about which you want to know then press submit button after that tool provides you with a systematic report, which has internal linking, external linking, bad links, page operating speed, SEO optimization and lots more factor that helps your website to reach the desired goal.

SEO Tester Online

SEO tester Online is another amazing tool that wonderful features. It is the recognized tool that helps your business to reach zenith and enhance traffic to your website.  SEO tester online inspects social sharing button as the user who are using your website did not feel any problem while sharing their project on social networking sites.

It checks the on page and off page SEO factors that include title, description, backlinks, meta tags and keywords. It also ensures that the landing page is effective with High DA (Domain Authority) and PR (Page Rank).

Even images are extremely important for any website an adequate image with tags improves the display and give the website an incredible seems. Use SEO Tester online to make modification on your website and achieve goals.


Woorank is a free tool which provides you with instant results. Woorank is different from other tools as it checks the marketing checklist. It also investigates the SEO factors keyword density, appropriate keyword usage, Meta title, Meta tags, ALT tags and header tags.

Woorank inspects the W3C standards, XML sitemap and robots.txt files. Wooranks also monitor the operating speed of different pages. It also ensures that how a website, look at the mobile as well as count backlinks and also ensure these backlinks are beneficial or not.

Explore woorank to know more about the business website. Woorank is quick website review tool as well check the custom 404 page so improve customer taking part in your business.

Written by Snehi Singh

After completing my in IT, I had a lot of job options. I did too but that was not something i wanted to do. I always belief in dreams and my dream leaded me to leave job and to move towards the path of my dream destination “ civil services”. Becoming IAS is not that easy, despite of knowing this fact, I am giving my best shot to make my dream come true. Besides, I love to express myself that’s why I love writing and working as a freelancer writer. I have 4 years of experience in writing. I belief in creating things and serving them for people.


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