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Homeo- Great Real Estate WordPress Theme By ApusTheme


In today’s world of digitalization, WordPress is an important platform where you can now only publicize your brand but rapidly grow your business. Among many features that are available in WordPress, Homeo can be a game-changer for Real Estate Themes. It is quite hard for admins to manage their listings by repeated logins to the dashboard. Home helps you to do your listings without assessing any of them.

The Homeo feature helps you to earn more by charging your users. Your users can manage passwords, profiles, and payments as well. It is—a high monetization area, which can be highly beneficial for business purposes. Many small agencies and substantial real estate websites can benefit from it. With Homeo, you can customize your profile without much effort. You can not only add properties and projects but create an entire directory in a few seconds. With individual plugins, you can charge the users for using your site. 

Elementor Page Builder

Element or page builder is best for building pages in less time with the vast availability of features. It is super fast, with its drag and drops options. There is no other like elementor in speed and features. You can also check out your design simultaneously while editing and creating the page. There are various in-built previous dates that will help you to decorate your page. 

Revolution Slider

If you are looking for a premium WordPress Slider Plugin, then this is it. Revolution Slider is one of the powerful site-building platforms. It has premium themes and is one of the most used platforms in WordPress. Animations, great content, and amazing pictures can all be fulfilled by this slider. Also, there are more than eighty in-built template options.

WooCommerce 4.x Ready

Real estate is a business with high competition in the market. It is not at all easy to be unique and top the market. However, with the Real estate WordPress theme, you can drive your business to a new site with a JavaScript interface. Customer view, review reports, and many more features make it the best in WordPress. 

50+ Elementor widgets ready to use

Homeo real estate WordPress theme is the next best thing for your business. It has in-built elementor widgets with about fifty and more options. You can get any kind of information from various fields. There are multiple fonts and colors which will match your preferences. 

Custom Fields With Powerful Field Editor

If you want to get total control of your on-screen edits and customs, well, home real estate theme is just what you need. You can add fields real quick and edit the area with simple clicks. You can not only add these fields at any place but also share it for everyone else. 

Property Bookmark

The real estate business is not accessible when you have good competition in the market. There are a few features that make a site perfect for the users to buy and sell properties. Property bookmark is an essential feature that helps users to make a list of their favorites for better comparison. 

Make A Reservation

It is not easy to choose a real estate property, which will be your house in the future. Various factors make it user friendly and accessible. One such is the reservation feature. When your customer selects a property, the reservation option helps them to connect to the seller quickly. 

Multiple Properties Layout (Half Map, Grid, List)

There are several layouts available for you to design your site. Choose one which is perfect for checking multiple properties at one go. Maps, grids, and lists help users to understand the property location better with nearby areas and facilities. 

Check Demo Import

Real estate site design is not easy. However, with time, WordPress has come with a solution with the Homeo Real Estate theme, which makes work easy and quick. You can look at the various demo styles present in-built the item for a better idea.

Header Builder

Headers are essential, and you need a lot of effort in general to build them. However, Homeo has made it easy for you to create header layouts. There are in-built headers. You can select your favorite and customize it. This saves you a lot of time than building them from scratch. 

Footer Builder

It usually takes a lot of time to build anything from scratch. Such is the case of the footer as well. However, Homeo Residence WordPress Theme saves you a lot of time by presenting in-built footers. You can choose your own and customize it accordingly, the same as the headers. 

Smooth Scrolling Screen

Nowadays, people have no time for a page to take its own time to open and load. Any kind of hang issue might cost you to lose customers. Therefore, you must have a smooth screen scroll. It will increase not only the number of customers but also their activeness. 

Fully Optimized For SEO

Search Engine Optimization is essential these days. It helps you to drive customers and drastically grow your business. The primary purpose of using WordPress is to optimize SEO. The home real estate WordPress theme has a full optimization for SEO which, automatically makes it best for business purposes. 

Responsive For All Devices

No matter which theme you choose on WordPress, a site must have the capacity to work on all kinds of devices. There are various platforms available today, not only for computers but mobile phones as well. Users are likely to open the site from their cell phones, which makes this feature a must. 

Front End Submission System

Now that you have a demo and every other thing set up, you need pages and add plates to them. The front end submission system helps you along with building pages. This way, you can easily log in and handle your pages. Front end submission system is an essential feature of any site. 

Google Map Support

When you look for a property, you would want to know about the location. Well, with the help of Google maps, it becomes more and more appropriate. With this, the customers can easily open the map with a single click and check their property location. It also helps them check on the locality. 

Property Layout Manager

Although there are many boundaries for the property layout manager, yet it is the best feature that helps you to manage various settings. The behavior sets, auto layouts, and others help to control better. Although the design has its boundaries, yet it is quite useful. 

Yelp Listings Support

Yelp helps you to connect to your customers better. It is one of the most used platforms for growing business. The Homeo property listing WordPress theme has yelp listings support, which automatically drives a lot of traffic by increasing the number of users. 

Advanced Price Formatting

Price formatting is an essential feature if you want to take your site internationally. This feature enables you to add various currencies to your site properties. The advanced price format is enabled in the homeo residence WordPress theme. It is perfect as you don’t have to look for features elsewhere. 

Agent Contact Form On Property Detail

Another great feature that you require on your real estate site is the contact of the agent or owner who has posted their properties. This will help the users to connect to the owners and agents to know more about the property. Also, if the user has made a reservation, he or she can contact the agent for confirming their visit and location. 

5 Property Detail Layout

Property detail and layouts are important to look for while you plan to buy a property. It is not easy to choose the home you will be living for the rest of your life. Therefore, a detailed layout helps you to get a visual image of the house.

Written by Shaurya Preet

Hey, I am Shaurya Preet. CEO & Founder of Themez Hub. I am frequently researching the latest trends in digital design and new-age Internet ideas.

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