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Job Stock Template Available In WordPress Theme with Name Workio

Workio Job Board WP Theme

If you want to make a beautiful and creative job listings website, then Workio is perfect for you. It helps to create a job board WordPress theme for job portals. It is not only helpful for enthusiasts looking for jobs, but it is a great management site for human resource officers. It is a responsive, career-oriented, and recruitment application best for HR managers. Today, job portals are standard and are a business platform for many small and big companies. Workio not only helps to set up a great application and site for jobs but also helps you to make money. 

With work, you will find various job layouts and home page layouts. It is not only easy to create but gives you several features and features to choose from. It helps you to make a creative dashboard. The one’s who post jobs can also add location, which then the candidates can check on maps. One can also track their application and upload and update their resume with time. It also has it’s own cc builder which helps the candidates to make their CV attractive and within the deadline. 

Restrict candidate

The candidate’s page is available for all. Both users and guests can see the page. However, employers can only view the page of the applicants. Registered employers can consider all candidates. Employers also have the benefit of buying a resume package. They can have access to all the candidate profiles of the job portal. 

View Candidate Contact Info

The site is available for all guests and users. Only registered users can view all candidate pages. If a candidate has expressed themselves, then they can also see all the employers. It helps candidates to choose their excellent jobs. Some jobs also inform the salary range they provide, which makes the hiring process simple. 

Add A Job In Frontend

Job portals are popular sites and applications today. A job added in the frontend not only engages candidates to check their desired profile but also attracts and compels them to register themselves at the portal. There are several forms and areas which help the site to understand what a candidate or an employer wants from the site. 

Highly Customizable

The best benefit of the job board theme in WordPress is that you can customize your portal. The various layouts make it not only easy to design but also provides you with many options. The job stock job listing theme makes it best for business. 

Extensive Admin Interface

The admin interface is one of the essential parts of setting a website. Therefore, having an extensive admin interface is a plus point. An excellent interface helps the admin to handle the site easily and make smooth changes. 

One-Click Demo Import

Importing data is fun with Workio. The one-click demo import is one of the best features of the plugin. The authors of the theme have designed these for easy import of files. The admin task is made easy by just clicking on the Import demo data button. It is easy to use and makes the job quick. 

No coding Language Required

With the Job board WordPress theme, it is easy to create a website. You don’t have to wait a long time for building a website as it helps you with ready-made features, layouts, and themes. Earlier, designers had to build sites from scratch with coding. However, with Workio, it is easy and straightforward. 

Responsive And Retina Ready

A quick responsive website is essential for users. It helps users to engage immediately and come back again. The website must also be retina ready. Various graphic designs make a site retina ready. The Job Stock Job Portal WordPress Theme helps the visual of the users and makes it perfect for the users. 

Boxed layout Option

WordPress is one of the best platforms to build websites. Workio is a job-based WordPress theme that helps to create a beautiful website and content. Job stock Job Agency Theme is the boxed layout option is one of the features that the designers can use for an easy view of materials. 

Powerful Typography Options

Website design is one of the complicated arenas, especially when you have to make it from scratch. A good typography design makes your site look attractive. It helps to set a theme, message, and tone to your website. 

WooCommerce Compatible

The plugin WooCommerce that helps to easily integrate the pre-existing website or the WordPress site that you are planning to create. It makes your site completely functional, with only a few simple steps. The Job stock job listing theme has become a solution for the users and was launched in 2011. 

Powerful Sorting Options For Job Listing And Resumes

The job stock templates have a powerful sorting option for job listing and resume. It separates the job offers and resumes from each other. The sites which are maintained by job offices only get to see the resume of the recruiters. However, they can alter their job details too. On the other hand, the recruiters get to view job listing every time they tune in to the site. This powerful sorting option makes the place uniques own.

Multiple Ways Of Showcasing Job Listing And Resumes

In almost every job stock template, recruiters need to upload their resumes, and the offices need to list their jobs. However, there are various ways of showcasing the job listing. The multiple way facility makes the site look more colorful and helps the recruiters look into the details more carefully. The same goes for the resumes of the candidates. The offices go through their resumes if they find the recruiter capable of joining them.

Listing List Shortcode

With every job comes specific vacancies that need to be filled. The job stock template provides us with a listing list shortcode. This code is generally designed so that the recruiters can find the list of jobs and positions available. Without this code, one would not be able to understand the number of jobs and posts available to be filled.

Listing Search Shortcodes

In almost every job stock template, a listing search shortcode is very important. The listing search allows the recruiters to make themselves comfortable with the type of jobs they can apply for. These job offers come in from various companies, all well-established. The companies which provide jobs fall under the listing search shortcode, and is thus visible to every recruiter.

Listing Advanced Search Codes

While searching for jobs, there are individual specific requirements of the recruiters. Some need a role which includes 5 hours of work, others want 7 hours, and some even tend to work from home. For searching for this kind of requirement, it becomes difficult for the recruiters as they need to click in every job offer on the list to be sure it fits the description. However, advanced search allows us to put in filters to job offers, which makes it exceedingly more comfortable for the recruiters. The filters include the superior stories the recruiters require. Thus, the listing advanced search codes make the dealings very easy.

Listing Simple Search Shortcode

In the job stock template design, the coding is made easy for everyone to understand. The simple search shortcode makes the recruiters search for their jobs quickly, and helps them find various jobs that fit the description. When a recruiter searches for jobs, the templates code makes a list of tasks that match the description. Therefore, it takes lesser time as well as is very efficient in the work field.

Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn Login

The job stock templates are designed in such a way that it can be linked with various pages. The job sites are linked with Facebook, Twitter, Google, as well as LinkedIn, so that the job offers reach to the maximum people. With maximum reach, more people will be able to connect to the job sites, and thus, everyone will get a fair chance of choosing options with the Job description that fits them.

Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn apply for a job

The Job stock templates for Workio are designed in such a way that one can apply directly through their profiles from different websites. One can easily use through their Facebook, google, twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. It is effortless to open through the pages with the help of these profiles.

Pricing Table Shortcodes

Pricing Table shortcodes are nothing but the list of the pricing of various offers and packages. It helps the recruiters to get the gist of the offers and validations the companies are providing. Therefore, price table shortcodes make it easier for the companies as well as for the recruiters.

Comparisons Pricing Table Shortcode

Job stock templates add up the comparing pricing table shortcode. It allows adding a table to WordPress, which is only meant to compare the prices. With the help of this table, one can quickly add up multiple packages and compare them without much hassle. The user can customize their templates to each section and make sure that that layout fits in with the description of their design. However, there are many default templates available to give you the idea of the different pricing packages which are to be compared.

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