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Workio is one of the best HTML based template out there in the market. It is a fully-featured packed, clean and elegant, visually attractive, user-friendly, fully developed, and highly customizable template based on the latest HTML5 and Bootstrap 4. This ensures that with the combination of the raw power along with the resourcefulness of the latest and greatest technology, Workio is all that is needed for the development, designing, and maintenance of your website.  With SEO friendly and interactive interface, attracting customers is just a matter of minutes. Crafted to empower job seekers and recruiters, workio works smoothly out of the box.

Workio is your goto template for job board websites built upon the robust and reliable latest Bootstrap framework incorporated with the HTML5 elements along with smooth transitions from CSS3. Along with that a quick reminder, the template is based on HTML, it is not any clumsy and unreliable WordPress theme.

Some Of The Salient Features Of Workio:

Creative PopUp
Creative PopUp is the fastest and quickest way to get your visitors hooked up to your website and turn them into potential customers. Workio lets you create the email list bigger, faster, and more targeted than ever before. Build beautiful popups in minutes or use the most common styles that come with Workio.

Candidate & Employer Dashboard
With the multiple search functionality along with individual resume and employers page, founding jobs is never as easy as before. With providing proper interaction between employer and candidate, job seekers don’t have to go through hassle like before.

Developer Friendly
Understandably, not everyone is tech savvy, and that is why the template is made developer-friendly. Workio is packed with hundreds of icons and fonts from themefy and FontAwesome, to name a few, in order to provide the customizability that you want for your website. You don’t need to spend hours of run and trial codes, as Workio contains the developer-friendly code, to begin with.

Multiple Home Pages
Workio is one of a kind job board website template to provide you with multiple home page options so that you can easily categorize your requirements according to a different niche. Separate freelancing page is provided to connect with all the freelancers out there. With responsive layout, transitioning your website is made easy in any platform, whether be it desktop or any other mobile devices.

Multi Header Options
Workio provides you with a multi header functionality that is packed with over 40 pages in total so that you can provide the documentation that you require to give the best out of it. Multiple header functionality is also needed in order to taxonomically categorize your content for the website so that definite information is provided for every section of your page.

Why Choose Us?
With over thousand of HTML based templates out there Workio stands out the most for being feature-packed built with the most advanced web-based technologies so that you can have the Job Listing website always dreamt about.

Workio is one of the most affordable yet reliable, HTML based job board website templates that you can find out there in the market. Affordability is made keeping in mind creating the job board website that you need to create the perfect relation between job seekers and employers.

Premium Quality
With Workio customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Keeping in mind, the hassle that both the job seekers and recruiters go through, the template is created, keeping it simple and interactive along with trying to provide the best premium quality template that one can find for job board website.

Technical Support
With 24X7 technical support to give you practical solutions for your template designing. Although the template works just fine right out of the box, yet you are provided the customization feature so that you can tweak it regarding your taste and requirements. The substantial communal stronghold, always makes it easy pushing updates and security patches to make your website as secure as possible.

Once you get the hang of the job board template, you won’t be hopping around ever again for a better template. The template is created with all the hard work and love so that your website can provide a very satisfying service for both candidates and employers.

Written by Shaurya Preet

Hey, I am Shaurya Preet. CEO & Founder of Themez Hub. I am frequently researching the latest trends in digital design and new-age Internet ideas.


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