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Best Online HTML5 New Tools for Web Designers

Html5 Tools for designer

Nowadays, for web designing HTML5 has become highly in demand as it is an exceptional web development tool equipped with the numerous resources that can help developers. These resources contain frameworks, techniques, libraries, tools, as well as powerful plugins to make the task of web designing for the developers a piece of cake.

By using these aforementioned resources you can make your website development tasks more systematic, powerful, fast, and secure for the users. These tools offer you to add the attributes of interactivity as well as attractiveness on the websites. These tools makes your website designing work so easy seems like web designing is not more than a day work to give your business online existence.

Before coming to know about the advantages of the best HTML5 development tools, let’s check out the reasons why HTML5 web development is useful and vital. This will automatically help you to understand the advantages of the best HTML5 development tools. The websites created by using the HTML5 web development tools provide following features to your website:

  • It offers enhanced accessibility to the website
  • It facilitates clean & structured codes to process the designing  
  • If offers cross-browser compatibility to the website
  • It facilitates to create responsive web design

Here are the 20 Best Online HTML5 New Tools for Web Designers that can really make the web designing work effective and effortless. Let’s have a glance:

Adobe Edge Animate

Adobe edge animate is a great tool for interactive web content. By using this outstanding tool, developers can create interactive interface that can compel the visitors towards the website. This tool is very helpful in creating the feature-rich websites that are full of interesting and alluring web elements.


This HTML5 development tool is considered as JavaScript & CSS3 playground, which helps the developers to test their codes on it. The tool is wonderful as it saves developers’ time by testing the codes without taking too much time. This tool is available online for free, that makes it one of the most in demand tools by the developers.

  1. Modernizr

Modernizr is known as JavaScript library used for HTML5 native implements. This wonderful tool helps the web developers to target the separate browsers and create the website most appropriate for that particular browser. This tool is compatible with Opera 9.6+, Firefox 3.5, Chrome, and Safari 2+ besides it also supports Firefox Mobile, BlackBerry, and more.

  1. RazorFlow

    RazorFlow is a tool offers solution for accessible HTML5 dashboard. This tool aids the developers create mobile friendly as well as interactive dashboard in two languages; JavaScript and PHP. It has inbuilt API to create feature-rich, interactive, as well as eye-catching dashboards.


    Bootstrap is a powerful and well-featured exceptional development framework. Bootstrap is used for effectively enhancing the design of the websites. It has inbuilt HTML & CSS designs that helps in the formation of typography, forms, navigation, buttons, and other interface elements.

    Dreamweaver CS5

    Dreamweaver CS5 is famous for it’s completely and fully-featured HTML5 editor feature that also provides WYSIWYG functionality in addition to having multiscreen glance panel, joined with Adobe BrowserLab, and jQuery mobile support for both iOS as well as Android apps. Dreamweaver CS5 aids amazingly the professional web developers when it comes to adding creativity and alluring feature over websites.


    Alike WYSIWYG editor, BlueGriffon also gets support from HTML4, HTML5, as well as XHTML. This tool is outstanding for the developers in helping them set in HTML5 audio & video elements into a web page. Its ability to take out a frame from a video file to be used as a picture makes it different from other tools in the similar category. It has an easy to use dropdown menu that includes header, footer, aside, etc.Source


    Moqups helps in developing UI concepts or mockups, prototypes and wireframes. It can be used to unleash the developers’ imagination as it has reasonable intuitive features. By using and implementing its amazing functionality, the development work can be simple and extremely easy even for the folks who are not familiar with the technicalities of using such tools.


    Video.js is an HTML5 video player based on JavaScript. The tool is good in adding videos into the websites to offer them unique looks. This tool simply used by downloading the source code and by following the integration commands as per the directions given. You can also get alternating directions for vigorously loaded websites.

    Onsen UI

    Onsen UI is perfect tool to create hybrid and web apps. It is mainly popular in mobile development scenario. This tool comes with  jQuery mobile support built-in feature thus, the apps formed with the help of this tool are exceptional in the overall presentation and performance. It is gracious with the beginner developers and also an ideal tool for practised ones for app development.


    Crosswalk consists of exclusive range of features to go well with modern browser that is also united with device integration. It also has API for adding native extensions. By supporting both Android & Tizen, it suits tremendously well to mobile devices. With its exceptional HTML5 tool, it becomes really easy and hassle-free job to publish HTML5 content to Android.

    HTML5 Editor

    HTML5 Editor is a well-known CSS editor having WYSIWYG functionality, wizards, as well as including hand coding tools for both Windows and Mac OS X. You can find it available for free to be downloaded for web development needs. It aids the developers in designing HTML websites with panel that is same as illustrator. The tool is packed with inclusive range of features that facilitate the developers to turn out outstanding websites.

    HTML5 Bones

    HTML5 Bones is powered by HTML5 that acts as an ideal boilerplate for websites. The tool is well-acclaimed due to its most essential web development mechanism such as HTML5Shiv, CSS, normalize, and some of the other significant markups. These markups can be used as header, footer section, and much more ways as per the desires of the developers for creating the websites.

    3D Sketch Tool

    3D sketch tool is mainly a drawing application helping the users or developers to save and share replays of their work. You will find this tool for free over the internet that helps in contributing step-by-step replays of the work with anyone. You do not need to sign up prior to use this tool.

    Online XRay Tool

    Online XRay tool is known as a bookmarklet for internet explorer 6+. This tool is very cooperative for the developers.  It supports Webkit and Mozilla based all browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Camino, and many more. You can find this tool great to be used to see the box model of any of the fundamentals on any of the web pages. Due to its easiness to be used for positioning, padding, margins, and also due to providing dimensions on any of the web pages, this tool is one of the top listed HTML5 tools.

    HTML5 Marker

    HTML5 Maker has an efficient way for the developers to show web animations. With this exceptional tool, developers can choose templates from an extensive list. Besides, it has wonderful feature to reduce the amount of time in creating animations from the scratch. You can count it as a perfect tool when it comes to fulfil the requirement of creating banner ads for products.

    HTML KickStart HTML5 tool is equipped with a bunch of CSS as well as jQuery building blocks helping the developers creating dynamic web pages. IT offers different layouts, files, as well as the elements that give a good head start. HTML KickStart provides suitable way to developers to put aside considerable amount of time while creating websites. It also consist of features enable the developers to style the tabs, security, galleries, images, and more.

    HTML5 Reset

    HTML5 Reset is an online tool, exceptionally featured for reset of the web development clock. No other web development tool can match up its results it offers. It is extra ordinary, in order to get to edit old web designing codes. Designers can find the customization of the website much easier with the use of HTML5 Reset. This tool is also compatible with Google Analytic & jQuery calls.


    Sprite Box Tool

    Sprite box tool design the images into the sprites using the outstanding jQuery, CSS3, as well as HTML5 tools. It is widely used as compressing images in today’s trend. The tool works exceptionally as an image optimizer by increasing the speed of image transaction, thus accelerating the website loading time.

    Font Testing Tool

    Selecting a perfect and decent font may seem to be a difficult task for developers and thus, to get rid from this issue, you can use font testing tool instantly helps in viewing any web page in the new fonts that too  without making any change in the HTML and the CSS. You can strap up the power of HTML5 by dragging the font.ttf files into top toolbar so that they could come into view quickly.

    Ending thoughts

    The above mentioned HTML5 development tools offer a witty way to the developers to diminish their efforts while developing the creative and well functioning websites. Discussing over the characteristics of the tools, each of these can be consumed efficiently for making robust business websites.

Written by Sharwan Kumar

Sharwan Kumar is a passionate web designer and social media entrepreneur. He is frequently researching the latest trends in digital design and new-age Internet ideas. He is also CEO and Owner of Smart SEO Toolz.


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