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Are you tender of learning web technologies? But did not get an ideal platform to learn, then don’t worry, we have a list of startling websites where you can be trained programming languages and accomplish your career goal.

Leaning from the best tutorial sites assists you to gain technical knowledge and enhance your skills. These sites are available with the easy demos and examples that will direct to sort out your complex projects.

These sites furnish your ability to generate easy-to-use sites with a perfect programming.

Below is the list of best tutorial sites:-


W3Schools is one of the recognized sites which guide you to learn web technologies. W3Schools provide training about the JavaScript, Angular JS, XQuery, HTML, PHP, CSS, XML, PHP, JSON, Node.js and Bootstrap.

  • At W3Schools it is easy to learn different languages and you use it anytime as well as anywhere as it is absolutely free.
  • It has online editors and examples which facilitate to try it by you and can implement it.
  • W3Schools uses simple code to provide you a simple example for better learning.
  • If you are beginner then this tutorial site is for you as it will guide you from basic level to the highest professional level.
  • W3Schools is designed for the training, learning and testing for more information visit W3Schools website.

Webflow University

The demand for online applications and responsive templates are obligatory these days. To beat the daily online competition you need this best tutorial Webflow University site which offers responsive HTML5 templates and design which keeps the customer updated about your website.

  • Webflow University offers basic knowledge about the HTML and CSS language.
  • Webflow University offers tutorial for responsive slider which gracefully present images on different devices.
  • If you have a project then you can use site web fonts as they employ Google web font set.
  • WebFlow University has a special feature to connect your project with Google Analytics for complete website analysis.

Tutorial Republic

Tutorial Republic is another best professional website that helps to learn different web technologies. The Tutorial Republic site focus on the CSS, HTML and JavaScript and many other languages from the beginner level to the advanced level.

  • It has an online HTML editor by which you can test yourself.
  • It offers useful references so that you can build an amazing and professional website.
  • Leaning and get training from the professional Tutorial republic site polish your coding skills and helps in your career success.
  • Tutorial republic also allows you to create your own projects according to your desire with coding tutorials.

To get more information about the Tutorial republic you must visit its site and explore more coding languages.

Code School

Code School offers main aim to offer instructional courses having tutorial for programming. Code School has a professional team of programmers their main focus is to provide the best training. They offer online tutorial videos and mobile app to learn coding.

  • Code School mainly gives attention to the new coders as they believe that innovative minds have capability to learn and grow.
  • Code School helps you to achieve your career goal. As many people have a desire to start your own business so coding is perfect for you.
  • Code School provides a user friendly synchronous platform to get training.
  • Code School has professional coders which assist the skilled programmer to accomplish their project lucratively.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a specialized tutorial site mainly aim on the higher level learners. Their main motive is to provide best education to everyone. Khan Academy provides educational video which has information and coding tutorials.

  • Khan Academy uses a self-guided set of courses which allow learners to learn at their own place.
  • Khan Academy special tutorial which is available in different language like French, Brazilian, Spanish and Portuguese language so that students from all parts of the world can take benefit of it.
  • Khan Academy has professional experts who can solve history, science, art, computer programming and Mathematic problems.
  • Our math guiding tutorial directs you for the kindergarten to the higher level calculus problems.


Quackit is another known tutorial site which gives provide training for web development and web designing. Quackit give flexibility to learn as they can be trained whenever or wherever they want.

  • Quackit offers a wide range of coding tutorial programs which includes XML, XHTML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, SQL and MS Access.
  • Quackit also provide useful tips to complete your project effectively.
  • Online tutorials by quackit are easy to access as in this you can again and again repeat the lecture. As some logics are extremely complicated so it takes to understand that topic, but by these tutorials you can repeat every lecture according to you.
  • Another important feature is learning online is cost effective. As learning from tuitions or other classes you have to pay huge amount of money, but in this there is no need to do so. You just need an Internet Service.

Team Tree House

Learn PHP, JavaScript, Web Designing, Python, Android and web designing absolutely free from the perfect platform i.e. Team Tree House. This site has online tutorials which are alienated in a different section that means those who are interested in PHP can explore PHP and so on.

  • They provide tutorial videos which teach students how to do coding
  • Even Team tree house plans a different exercises section so that learners can eagerly participate in the competition and can check their skills.
  • Team Tree House have different teams which tutorials on different topics which comprises of Java, python, Android development, Ruby, Designing, WordPress, Digital Literacy and many more.
  • Every seeker can grab their interest tutorials and can learn to become victorious.

Envato Tutsplus

Are you looking for a website which uses latest and innovative web designing tools to create pioneering websites. Envato Tutsplus helps to learn the creative proficiency.

  • Envato Tutsplus helps to enhance your skills so that you can use that advanced skills for the accomplishment of project.
  • Tutsplus main motive has provided lifelong knowledge to the learners as in their school there is no need of heavy books or baggage but a mind who want to grab knowledge.
  • Evanto tutorials are free of cost. They provide instructions step and step which will guide you on an adequate path as well as provides screenshot so that you can check that you are going the same path as a screenshot.

Web Design Tutsplus

A great news for those who want to learn web designing in the form of Web Design Tutsplus tutorial. It provides online tutorials that will guide you regarding web designing. Tutsplus provide free online learning guides.

  • In today’s world web designing is one of the best fields. As learning web designing will keep a step forward toward success.
  • Tutsplus provides guiding strategies for beginners. That’s how to start web designing.
  • Web Design Tutsplus offers you help related to the web designing projects.  
  • They have professional tutors who encourage you to achieve the desired web designing projects.
  • Begin your web designing learning with the best tutorials and take their help to accomplish your project.
  • Visit web design tutsplus website as they use innovate web designing applications for future success.


Lynda is another helpful tutorial website. Lynda is an American based company which provides videos for the development of creative, business and software skills.

  • Lynda has the proficient team of programmers. It guides learners about the 3D animation. As the 3D animation is in great trend and have a very bright future.
  • Lynda site provide the visual Java and programming guidance.
  • It also provides the training to become a digital marketer and digital illustrator.
  • Graphic design a profession one of the best professions to chose from so Lynda professionalism guides you about the basic and professional level design so that reach preferred career.

Above are the some of the best tutorial sites which have professional teams and are proficient in each as well as every field. Hope above information helps you to attain achievement.

Written by Sharwan Kumar

Sharwan Kumar is a passionate web designer and social media entrepreneur. He is frequently researching the latest trends in digital design and new-age Internet ideas. He is also CEO and Owner of Smart SEO Toolz.


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