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10 Best Placeholder Image Generator Services For Web Designers

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It has been truly said that “Pictures speak more than words”. Sharp and colourful pictures add quality and life to any text. In case of, web designing images play a crucial role. Adequately utilized, pictures can help drive more guests to your site, advance social sharing and at last help drive business objectives, for example, deals, a good traffic, popularity and ranking. A placeholder image generator service can serve the purpose. A picture placeholder is a fake picture intended to attract consideration regarding the requirement for a real picture. Image placeholders were intended to be utilized on articles, particularly those of living individuals, to try to get an authorized picture for them. Given below is a rundown of 10 best Placeholder image generator services for a web designer.

Dummy Image


Dynamic Dummy Image Generator is a star amongst the most far-reaching color picture placeholder services. There are likewise standard pictures accessible for Dummy Picture in the Stock. The generator is created by Russell Heimlich and left open source under MIT permit. The use is as thorough and straightforward as another placeholder service. It works by utilizing the generator or by building a URL to get the ideal picture for your undertaking.



PlaceHolder: It frames customized images by just specifying the image size after the URL. Width and height are supposed to be mentioned. If the height is not mentioned then placeholder would be a square. The following step calls for the selection of file extension which can be .jpg, .gif, etc. Text can also be inserted at the end of the URL.text and background color can also be selected. It also provides added support for WEBP image format. It also supports working of placeholders without HTTPS.

Place Img


Place IMG: A very simple platform for the generation of placeholder images. Its main screen provides tabs or buttons for the selection of dimensions, font color, background color, filters, and categories. It’s one of the most demanded. It has also set a goal of reaching a milestone of $500. Thereby, donations are invited.

Placehold Jp


Placehold JP Powered by SOFTEL, is an easy to use placeholder image generator service. It supports only JPG and PNG formats. Provides both basic and advanced services. Facilitates usage by providing certain examples. Works just like other placeholder image generator services.

Img Placeholder


Img Placeholder: This awesome service works on iconography. A placeholder image can be created by selecting among a wide range of font awesome, ionicons, and glyphicons. The images can also be imported as actual downloads for code snippets. It creates a direct link, HTML code, BB code, and markdown code.

Place Hold


Place Hold: This is coded by Mark Sost and inspired by Russell Heimlich and his project named Dummy image. It claims to hold the place in web projects in a very effective yet easy method. Supports all the formats like .jpg, .gif, .png, .jpeg. Here you can mention any amount of text with the image.

Fake Img


Fake Img: Created by Jerome Mahuet. Easy to use and provides excellent quality pictures. It supports Chinese, Japanese and Korean text. With the help of noto don’t these texts are supported. It is an open source and is free to use. It’s retina mode allows you to double up the size of the image in one shot. It keeps its customers updated and clarifies the doubts of users by providing help at @rydgel.

Dummy Image Generator


Dummy Image Generator: It claims to provide finest placeholder images. It opens with a vibrant webpage displaying all the tabs of options required to build an image. It downloads the images as zip. Allows the users to work with either mixed sizes or custom sizes. Thereafter, a fine image emerges.



Picsum Photos: Made by David Margby & Nijiko Yonskai. This placeholder image service provides an advanced feature to combine two or more options, may it be, dimensions, filters, etc. It claims to be one of the stylish placeholders ever. For troubleshooting @DMargby is available on Twitter.

Placehold IT

Placeholder-com is a standout amongst the most straightforward placeholder services. Planners can utilize this picture placeholder service for snappy and effective presentation of the picture. In spite of the fact that utilizes strong shading pictures rather than photographs, the reality may appear to be increasingly advantageous to certain originators. It is displayed in a regular width x height format.

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