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Kumo- The Most Powerful Online E-Commerce HTML Template

Kumo - e-commerce HTML template

When it comes to building e-commerce websites, no matter which e-commerce platform you use, a great design is a must. A well-designed, responsive, and eye-catching e-commerce template will highlight your products and help you increase sales. Incorporating an online fashion store, or adding e-commerce functionality, is an inexpensive way to spread the word about your business online and reach people who live outside of your regular business location.

The most popular E-commerce html templates for Kumo website are available today. These HTML templates are for technology, fashion, cloth stores, apparel, jewelry, home goods, gadgets, and other e-commerce products. Many of them also function as multi-vendor marketplaces, allowing you the freedom you deserve. All of our e-commerce website templates create responsive, flexible, retina-ready, and user-friendly online Shopping stores. Choose the online shop site skin tool that appeals to you the most and begin customizing it to meet the needs and requests of your web project.

12+ home pages 

Kumo is a simple e-commerce template that can be used for a variety of online stores. It was built with HTML5 and a responsive design, making it a perfect fit for all devices. It comes with four different store color themes and  Google web fonts, a touch flex slider, a product carousel, a cart drop down, a php contact form, and many other features. It consists of 12 responsive home pages.

5+ Shop details pages

Any online shopper will tell you that knowing everything there is to know about a product before purchasing it is critical. And when you run an e-commerce website, you want everything to be as simple for your customers as possible. Creating high-converting e-commerce product pages is a critical component of running a successful online store. It consists of all descriptions of items in a total of 5-6 responsive pages that are available on the online E-commerce store. Each page provides a detailed description of the products that are available. The variety of quality, designs and other features of the products are well detailed in these pages.

Beautiful Searching Options

You can specifically search the items you are looking for . Advanced filters can be used to narrow down search results. Most search engines on the internet provide a set of filters known as advanced search options. They help you find the exact content you’re looking for by narrowing the scope of a search query to eliminate irrelevant information. Advanced search options take it a step further by allowing you to specify which words should or should not appear in the results, which websites to search, and the language of the pages. Web search engines like Google are not the only ones with advanced search filters. A search tool on the Kumo Website can include advanced search options.

Available User Dashboard Designs

Dashboards show the most crucial and useful information for your app. A dashboard is an information-display screen in your application.   A global overview provided by the dashboard to the user , as well as access to the most important data, functions, and controls. In reality, a dashboard frequently serves as a sort of homepage, particularly for power users. Dashboards should only display information that is relevant to the user. 

They’re called dashboards because, like in a car, they’re designed to display critical, pertinent data at a glance. Dashboards must always save time for the user. Always design your dashboard in such a way that it assists your user in being more efficient. Dashboard designs can vary greatly depending on their intended use.

Using Free Google Fonts 

Google Fonts is an excellent source for free fonts; their type families include many beautifully designed web-friendly options. If you want something elegant and sophisticated, take a look at our top ten picks to see if any of them resonate with your brand. Because of the  more decorative or intricate elements, display fonts are generally intended to be used in larger sizes and in short sentences (such as titles). We have also included a recommendation for pairing each display font with a body copy font – one that complements the display font for longer blocks of text.

Developers Friendly Designs
 Brand identity of Kumo which is an online E-commerce shop comes in unique and eye-catching designs to attract the visitors.  The marketing practice of actively shaping a distinct brand is referred to as branding.  Just as your personal identity distinguishes you, your brand identity is the secret sauce that propels your company forward. All the designs are environmentally friendly and come under sustainable fashion.

Eye catching Designs 

All the logos and customs for each product are designed well. All the designs have their own uniqueness and are very eye-catching.The design of the website is one of, if not the, most powerful aspects of it. Because the primary goal of any website is to attract new visitors, selecting the right design is critical to success. On our website, you can find eye-catching designs in bright colours.This is one of the simplest ways to get people’s attention. People are very visual, so when they see a bright picture, it piques their interest.

100+  Widget Elements

Widgets are custom tools that allow you to personalize your Clip home screen. There are 100 responsive widget elements on our website. Consider having a personalized view of all the important data and functionality from the various apps you use on a daily basis. Clip widgets are made up of tabs that contain sections that house a variety of section elements. The structure and layout of your widget content are provided by section elements. Clip supports a wide range of elements for displaying your content.

Written by Shaurya Preet

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