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Reveal , a powerful business listing website has been  developed by the Themezhub to bridge the business-customer gap. It helps customers find the best products and services for their different  needs as well as helps businesses to improve abc upgrade their business reach and productivity. Users could search for businesses across different categories like restaurants, hotels, shopping, real estate etc.Users can also rate businesses according to their service and product quality. However, you can also make your business listed on sites apart from these. The more listings you create, the more reachable your online  business will be, where listing to spammy or low quality business listing Template sites may also cause negative impact. In regard to this Reveal business directory offers you the best option to work on.

The Powerful Business Directory and Listing HTML Template Reveal  has been designed on the latest book strap 4.x and has more interesting friendly features, it’s very easy to work due to its attribute; developer-friendly. This Powerful Business Directory and Listing Template can be used for all the  categories of businesses based on booking system. The Reveal directory template will help in listing local as well as global Businesses.. It can be used for Hotel and restaurants booking with the best booking system, which will show all the best facilities provided hotels nearby. The listing will be shown on maps that have the Directory and listing template. Themezhub has designed the world’s best web design blog for web designers and it reveals the newly introduced features with the best and superiors facilities. It also make sure that all the designs are done will meet high-quality design and also functionality standards.

What’s new in Reveal

There is a long list of features in Reveal. You can create your website and can check its appearance and functionality as demo with few clicks. There are different new features that can help your website to reach the endless customers without spending money on marketing. Apart from these there are many features, which can make your business on the top of the similar business existing in the online marketplace. Let’s check out few of the attributes of Reveal.

– Creative Popup
Show only  what your business is focused on. Reveal’s creative popup helps people to find the exact what your business is offering and what you want to get. No matter whether your business is focused on hotel or restaurant booking or any other business, with creative popup you can show the soul of your business to your clients easily.

– Listings Show on Maps
Without letting your clients know about the location, business offers can’t be reached to them correctly. Some business like hotels and restaurants are based on location. With the help of Reveal, your business can be shown on the map and users can use as per their comfort and need.

– Retina Ready
It will offer you Retina ready interface, which  will result in improved quality images. The ultimate aim of Retina display is to improve and upgrade  the user experience and make screen quality almost on a par with print quality.

– 10+ Home Pages Pre-build
You can enjoy more than 10 hone pages that are pre-build. You can choose from these as per your business and the type of business. The best part about these pre-built home pages are that you do not need to add features apart from these as these pages has all the needed features and functionality.

– 3 Listing Detail Pages
With Reveal, you also get 3 listing detail page, which helps you to list your business with effectiveness and accuracy. It allows you give the detailed information about the business so that you can target the right users and run your business successfully.

– Hotel & Restaurants Booking Option Available
If you are leading a hotel or restaurant business then, using Retina is the best option. It helps you to get the best booking based business website without having more information about website and booking system. It offers the secured and multiple layered booking option.

– Listing in Classical & Modern Style
Classical and modern, both styles are available for listing of businesses. No matter whether you are looking for modern style of listing or classical style of listing, you can use both the styles of listing according to your business.

– Easy To Customisation
You can easily customize the features and portal as per your business need and clients demands. Reveal offers the easy customization feature. It has a list of features that can be easily customized and make your business more effective and revenue maker.

– Build on Latest Bootstrap 4.x
Reveal is built with the latest technology Bootstrap 4.X which is known for its responsive grid system, extensive prebuilt components, and powerful plugins. Reveal let you enjoy the best interface to make your business on the top of online competitors by making it easy to access and use regardless device, system, location and other concerns. 

– Crossbrowser Compatible
With its cross-browser compatible feature, your business website can work in  any browser, and any version of the browser, being used. This can be a support for developers throughout the creation of their websites as they can use this unique feature with a set of few clicks only. 

– Multi Header Options
With reveal’s multi header options, you can  provide the core information about your business or product so that users could see and find their needs in split seconds. In the design perspective, header is also the area, where you can put creative design solutions which is  catchy, concise and useful to allure endless clients.

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