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In the web full of beautiful and responsive HTMl themes, Rikada will be your favorite one. You can design your homepage beautifully with various fonts and graphics along with widgets and more. And of course, if you are looking to design your rental and property website, you can give it a try. It comes with various great features and all of them will come handy while designing your website. Their highly creative team has built a powerful and responsive theme that comes with 3 different types of property grid style with carousel. And their login and sign up page is also very attractive and that is another reason why people love it.

If you are looking for a creative way to design your website, there is no better option than this property & real estate HTML template. It has so many color schemes and an admin dashboard designed for agents and agencies. The best thing about Rikada is, it is easy to use and requires zero technical knowledge. So, if you have never used any WordPress theme before or have never created a website, you are free to experiment with Rikada. It has 8+ Homepages and cool icons and fonts to design your site and contents. Moreover, it is also very easy to customize, but if you want, you can check out their demo to know more about the theme. It comes with a clean and fresh design so that your dashboard and homepage look unique always. Also well coding.

Why You Should Use Rikada

Well, there are so many HTMl themes available on ThemeForest, but Rikada is simply different and unique. Who doesn’t like creative ideas? And when you have created something through your hard work, it will surely shine. The developers of this theme used their knowledge and hard work to design Rikada and that makes it totally out of the box theme. Moreover, when you are designing your website for rental or apartment, you can use it to create comprehensive Property Listing. They also feature a beautiful mega menu with beautiful icons and attractive menu bio which look good on your site.

Main Features & Options of Rikada

Here are the top features and functions of Rikada that make it famous and functional:

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • 8+ Home Pages
  • Creative Design
  • FontAwesome 600+ icons
  • Developer friendly code
  • Multi Header Option
  • Dashboard Include
  • Multi-Color Option

Some of the features are described below to give you a clearer view; check out.

9+ Different Home Page Layout
It comes with 9+ Different Home Page Layout to help you design your website in your own way. You don’t have to depend on an expensive developer to create an attractive website, you can do it on your own. Apply the layout options and find the one that works best.

4+ Different Header Option
Header catches our eyes first, so make it creative and unique. You can go for any of your choices as long as it suits your Property Listing Directory. Make it simple yet attractive and that’s the way you will gain lots of attention to your site. Also, try other options.

3+ Single Property Detail Page
You will get 3+ Single Property Detail Page on Rikada and that adds a new feel on your site. You can use as many options as you can, but this feature rocks. It will give your site a clean look at the same time, it will do its job well.

Beautiful Login & SignUp Popup
This is another strong feature of this theme. A Beautiful Login & SignUp Popup catches many people’s eyes and when you are using it, it will surely bring some audiences to your site. Who does not like a friendly atmosphere? This feature adds a friendly look to your real estate site.

5+ Color Scheme Option
Different color options bring life and creativity to your site and content. When it is a property listing site, there is a chance for you to show your inner creativity. So, try out 5+ Color Scheme Option and choose the one you like or suits better on your property website.

Dashboard Page Included
The dashboard is the most important part of a theme. You can manage, customize, create, shortlist anything from there with ease. With Rikada, you are getting that option and it is quite helpful, right? If you face problems managing your site and its contents, try customizing it from your dashboard.

3+ Property List Option
The 3+ Property List Option gives you an opportunity to list the apartment freely and neatly. There are over 3 ways to choose from how your property list would look like. When you find out the creative one, you win. Indeed a nice way to create and design a site.

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