How to create free site using Google’s website builder for your small business?

google website builder

Google’s website builder and its admiring impact

Keeping the growing demand of websites for small scale businesses in mind Google decided to develop pocket-friendly technology that can help to build the websites for free of cost.  Sellers with low investment budget cannot afford to build a website that can cost them huge amount of money. For these sellers building their e-commerce site or small business website was just a dream but, in June, 2017, Google made their dreams come true with Google My Business website builder.

It is a business account access to a free, instinctive single-page website builder tool. Google has equipped this tool with is completely customizable, robotically updates with the account user’s GMB recorded information.  This tool works with AdWordsExpress. With just a year of presence, it has changed the overall scenario of web market, now within just a year the number of small businesses websites has been increased multiple times.

If you are a small business entrepreneur and want to develop a simple, alluring yet striking site in less than an hour, then look no further than Google’s website builder, let’s have a quick glance at how to use Google’s website builder to build and customize your small business new website.

Steps to follow to create free site using Google’s website builder for your small business

First of all you have to access for Google website builder, once you open the URL; you can sign up with your information. After this Google’s website builder automatically generates a primary website for you with pre-populated business’ name, location, hours, posts, catalogue, contact information, and photos.

The initial website provided by the Google builder is just a template; you can make changes in this as per your need and requirements.  The customization of theme is very simple; you can easily copy, add photos, and change language. This website builder offers eight themes to choose from, Apart from this, you are free to select the website font and color scheme, which is fully customizable.

Now, it comes to making it more systematic and alluring, for this purpose, you will be provided with the edit tool, from which you can choose variety of CTAs to place on your website. You can set your website’s headline, description, summary body and summary header as per your preferences. Not only these, also you can italicize, underline, hyperlink, number, and bullet any of your text in the summary body, you can bold.

Besides, you will be also provided with a Photos tool, in which you are free to upload up to nine photos or product images, or other needed pictures as per your business to the section on your website directly under the summary body. If you want, you can upload your own cover photo to your website. To target the more geographical area, writing your website’s copy in over 60 different languages feature is also available. Unluckily, changing your website’s section order is not possible, but that will impact your website look at all, your site looks out logically amazingly superb engaging.


With its multi featured free website builder, there is no doubt that Google has changed the web competition  graph by helping millions of small business owners bypass the challenges, and by saving their effort, time, and costs. This is removed the hindrance on their path of the development of their own websites and, ultimately, helped in boosting their businesses. You can also target more specific clients with your small business website and make more money with Google website builder, so, what are you waiting for just make your dream come true that too without paying a single penny.

Written by Snehi Singh

After completing my in IT, I had a lot of job options. I did too but that was not something i wanted to do. I always belief in dreams and my dream leaded me to leave job and to move towards the path of my dream destination “ civil services”. Becoming IAS is not that easy, despite of knowing this fact, I am giving my best shot to make my dream come true. Besides, I love to express myself that’s why I love writing and working as a freelancer writer. I have 4 years of experience in writing. I belief in creating things and serving them for people.


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