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10 Best Free Open Source Pop Up Modal JQuery Plugins For Designers


While structuring or building up a client experience for purchasing circumstances, it might be useful to utilize a modal window to concentrate the customer’s consideration on an item picture. Modal window or a modal dialogue box is a small window which appear prominently on the screen to interact with the user. It displays certain items in the size desired by the service provider. It then guides the users to the details of the product or service by selecting the option buttons given along.  These can be resized after selecting certain options. Modal windows are really helpful in increasing the market reach. These allow the company to make the prospect concentrate on a certain feature of your product you want them to know about. Modal windows are mainly framed with the help of JavaScript. While other methods can also be used. Here in this content we will go through 10 best pop up modal open source plugins for designers.



Rmodal: It provides a modal window design that fits any window size. This is one such modal script which is free of all dependencies i.e. it doesn’t rely on java script. Minified to only 1.2 KB. If you want to combine it with BS3/BS4 layout then it works best with Bootstrap. Previewing is necessary with Rmodal because it might not be appealing to everyone.



JQueryUI: Powered by highly dedicated team, JQuery UI provides an interface of interactions, widgets, effects and utilities. Best pick to create web application or to add date picker. Occupies only 1KB space. Simple to work with. And provides a clean layout. It works with various foreign languages to ensure its global extension.

Sweet Alert


Sweet Alert: Abbreviated as SWAL. It was created by Trinstan Edward. Imparts certain interesting options. Firstly, inclusion of text with the alert message. Secondly, the addition of icons to make it more interactive. Thirdly, an expert at catching even the minor mistakes. And last but not the least, it allows confirmation with OK and Cancel button. In a nutshell, it is an interface which provides unique work.



Craftpip.github: If you are looking for something simple and elegant then the search ends here. It makes the work beautiful by usage of decent alerts, asynchronous content, dismissal of background, centered automatically, draggables, simple animation and beautiful themes. Preloaded with themes for quick usage. It makes frequent updates to match with the ever changing demands and to keep the customer engaged with them.



Joaopereirawd: It is a dynamic interface. It creates full screen modal equipped with CSS3 transition. Allows opting among variables like animated In, animated Out, animation duration, color and overflow. You can change the layout using the above options and make the work attractive. It is free to use and you can create your own transitions also.

Simple Modal


Simple Modal: This amazing jQuery plugin was created by Plasm. It forms marvellous pop up windows by utilizing among various options like alert integration, modal integration, modal Ajax integration and modal image. It occupies very little space. To be noted that it is not a Lightbox. Yet it’s ability to hide some parts of its layout might make it similar to lightbox but partially.



Dixso: A clean and easy to use jQuery plugin. It is lightweight and doesn’t depend on external elements. It is able to work on any device. May it be, mobile, Tab, laptop or desktop. Its animation can be easily customized to suit your style. It’s viewport mode allows formation of fullscreen windows. It opens multiple dialogs at once and facilitates multi tasking. Allows callback events for before and after open, close and complete. Its multiple transitions allow the inclusion of smooth animation.

Vodka Bears Remodal


Vodka bears: An awesome JS query interface. Allows resizing to a large extent. Lightweight. It works really fast. The framed windows are customizable as and when required. But now a days due to some technical problems it is not actively maintained.

Igniters World


Igniters world: As the name suggests it ignites the user with excitement owing to its beautiful design. It is lightweight  minified to 2.7 KB. User-friendly jQuery plugin. It is supported by many browsers. Mobile friendly. Allows users to customize the modal window. Resize it according to the need. Allows implementation of callback function. It enables almost all the options required for building a modal window.

Cody House


Cody house: For e-commerce extension Cody house is the player. With fabulous design systems, it excels in its field. It is a library of advanced JS, CSS and HTML components that work smoothly with the structure. It progressively updates its features. Seasoned with all the features required it is the best among all. It is supported by all the major browsers.

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